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Iraq - scene di vita quotidiana
Da Indymedia e Al-Muajaha e indymedia alcuni minuti di scene di vita quotidiana

autore Indymedia
citta' iraq
data 23/10/2003

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note su Al-Muajaha

Al-Muajaha is located in two rooms in the ground floor of Beit Al-Bacher, the Voices in the Wilderness house in Baghdad. There is no phone or internet service available on location, but it is hoped that both will be forthcoming over the next few months (hoped for, but uncertain). The physical address is: Baghdad, Karrada Dakhil, Mahala 901, Street 41, House 6 (2 blocks past Asfar Gallery, behind Al-Qersh Ice Cream Store).
In the short-term, this location is fine. Over the long-term, it's not clear whether the project should move to another location or not - for three, main reasons: 1) It's uncertain whether Voices will keep the house in the long-term, we're still finding our way in the new Iraq; 2) It's uncertain how the newspaper/project will "grow" - it may be that the space will not fit the needs of the project, depending on how it continues to develop; & 3) It's uncertain how the relationship between Voices and the newspaper will develop over the coming weeks & months.
I hope that both Voices & the newspaper/project will continue to work in Baghdad, and that they will stay in the same location. I think it's a mutually beneficial relationship. But we'll have to see how things come together, and, ultimately, it's going to be the decision of the people on the ground in Iraq.
Al-Muajaha remains an entirely volunteer project, and likely will in the near future (as funds are short). The project has published 5 issues in Iraq over the last 5 months, beginning on May 15th, and is almost finished (or may be finished as of now) with the 6th issue. The first 4 issues were Arabic/English. The 5th issue was Arabic only, and, to the best of my knowledge, it hasn't been resolved whether the 6th issue will have an English version or not. Providing an English version of the paper is helpful in building relationships & informing people outside of the Arabic-speaking world. By local prejudices it also helps establish "credibility" in Iraq, as an "educated" publication. However, it is logistically difficult to do translations (especially on an volunteer basis), and it is financially straining to print English versions.
There is a functioning website for the project ( ), but it is not updated with any regularity, nor is it accessed within Iraq to any significant degree.
There are currently 30-40 Iraqis working on the project in Baghdad, including 7 women, and no internationals. Of this group, perhaps 8-12 are extremely active, volunteering 40+ hours a week on the project.
Most of the Iraqis are high-school or college students, but there are several older people involved. The project began on a partial-consenus model for reaching decisions, but has evolved into a voting model, with major decisions requiring a super-majority of 75% to pass. Meetings are held every week, at the
newspaper's office, on Wednesdays at 4pm. Meetings are open to anyone, and anyone who attends is eligible to vote. There has been some tension over this, and it's likely that the group will decide to keep meetings open, but restrict voting priviledges to anyone who has worked on either the previous issue, or the previous 2 issues. Meetings are generally attented by perhaps 15 people, but occasionally swell up to almost the full group.
Leadership within the group has developed in three ways: 1) Through a general vote of the group; 2)Through appointment by me, with approval (although not vote) of the group; & 3) As a result of who is actually working (if you're working, you're a leader - by definition :-))

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